Alaska Adventure Vacations

Alaskan King SalmonMany people go to Alaska for a fishing adventure of a lifetime. Soaring Eagle Fishing & Adventures is the premiere company for providing this type of experience. You can create your own, customized, and all-inclusive Alaska adventure vacations with them. Fly fishing and salmon fishing are some of their areas of expertise. You can also get a preplanned trip with various Alaska vacation packages.

Biking and Hiking Tours

Another great option would be to take a multiple day bike tour of Alaska. It is breathtakingly beautiful, and on bike is one of he best ways to see it. You could, for example, bike from Anchorage to Prince William Sound (both are in the south central part of Alaska). There are many travel companies that provide these types of adventure tour packages, at very reasonable prices.

You can experience the hiking adventure of a lifetime in Alaska. For around $1900 to $4900, you can have a 4-day to 12-day, summer time, hiking experience of a lifetime. All hiking involves seeing wildlife of various kinds, and only requires carrying a light daypack. Hiking excursions can be combined with kayaking or river rafting components as well. Alaska Alpine Adventures is the leader in amazing Alaska hiking adventures.

More Adventurous & Yacht Tours

If you’re feeling more adventurous, then Exposure Alaska might be the right choice for you. Join them on a vacation package that includes ice climbing, kayaking off the coast of Alaska, some backpacking, and white water rafting. That will get your adrenaline pumping for sure, and you will experience the adventure vacation of a lifetime.

Alaskan Yacht Charter is the next possibility for your Alaska Adventure Vacation planning. As one of their recent clients attested, they are “quite simply the best crewed yacht charter in Alaska.” You will be driven out to your yacht on a speed boat. Experience deep sea fishing, and possibly see some humpback whales from the yacht. Watch bears walking on the shoreline, with magnificent mountains in the background. And enjoy truly delicious food and drink in the dining room of the yacht, surrounded by windows.

Wildlife and Outdoors Options

Alaska JourneyAnother great option is adventure travel by day with camping in the great outdoors by night. You can hike on a glacier, kayak around ice burgs, enjoy fishing, and white water rafting during your day. Many of these excursions are within Alaska’s national parks, and spotlight the amazing intact ecosystems of Alaska’s forests, lakes, mountains and wildlife.

Alaska Adventure VacationsAlaska Wildland Adventures features vacations that include staying in their award-winning eco-lodges, on some of Alaska’s most pristine and beautiful sites. There’s the Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge, on the seacoast of the Kenai Peninsula (south central Alaska). They also offer world-class fishing trips, for sockeye salmon, rainbow trout and Dolly Varden (see picture).


These are just some of the amazing adventures you can find in the 49th state added to our union. It is truly a world unto itself. Don’t miss your chance to take an Alaskan Adventure Vacation this year!

Read Alaska

To learn the amazing history of Alaska before you travel there, read Alaska by James Michener. He is the most thorough and interesting writer you will ever find for historical biographical fiction. With his characters, he makes the stories and background of Alaska come to vivid life. Pick it up at now.

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