Alaska Salmon Fishing Vacation

Are you thinking of taking an Alaska Salmon fishing vacation? There are some great places that offer great deals on salmon fishing. Take Kenai, Alaska for example. They are known for great salmon fishing there. (See more below.)

The Alaska salmon fishing season generally runs from May through September. That is the best, but there is good opportunity in places like Sitka, Alaska for salmon fishing pretty much all year.

Where to Salmon Fish in Alaska

Ketchikan Alaska salmon fishingSoutheast Alaska salmon fishing means fishing in the highly populated areas of southeast Alaska, near the mainland and close to the US border with Canada. These areas are easier to access, being closer to large towns and more services, so Southeast Alaska salmon fishing is very popular.

Salmon fishing in Kenai, Alaska is also quite popular. The main reason for that is probably because there are so many salmon in the Kenai River. It has always been bountiful with fish. The beautiful surroundings in nature are also a factor, but the Kenai Peninsula has about five significant rivers for salmon fishing. The Kenai River is where many of the big salmon go to swim back upriver to their spawning ground.

Alaska Salmon Fishing Packages

Alaska Salmon Fishing
Catch a big one on your Alaska Salmon Fishing Trip!

Many different cities offer Alaska salmon fishing packages. You can find packages for one day or more. These various packages almost always include the boat, the guides, the fishing tackle and more. Many include food during the fishing trip as well. You can find Alaska salmon fishing packages all the way from very short and bare-bones, to a week or more, and including all kinds of luxurious extras, to make your fishing trip the most memorable and best it can possibly be.

Another option is to get your own private Alaska salmon fishing charter. That way, they will just be taking care of your own group. If you go with your company, or with extended family, or just with a group of close friends, you know your chartered Alaska salmon fishing trip will only include people you know and care about. (And of course there will also be the guides, who will take care of all the details to make it a great fishing trip.)

Other Famous Alaska Salmon Fishing Areas

Homer, Alaska salmon fishing is somewhat famous for its annual fishing tournament. There are also very nice Homer Alaska Salmon Fishing Charters available.

Ketchikan Alaska salmon fishing is popular among tourists who enjoy the beautiful sunsets over the ocean. But most actually come because they want to catch fish! And the King salmon is one type of salmon that can be caught in Ketchikan year round.

So, as you can see, there are many different cities in Alaska that are known for the salmon fishing vacations. You can find a great variety of towns and scenery, and the people are welcoming in each of them. So gather some information, and then choose a place to experience your amazing Alaska salmon fishing vacation this year!


  1. I spent my first summer after high school working at a hotel in Alaska. It was one of my better life choices. Some othe most memorable months of my life. I have been wanting to go back ever since. Most of my time was spent inland, but I did get to make it down to visit Seward; such a beautiful place.

    Thank you for your information on fishing trips. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I’ll be sure to check back here when I finally make it around to it.

  2. Thank You

    Even though I have not fished in many years my dream has always been to fish in Alaska, the travel channel with people fishing the isolated fishing spots always has been an amazing experience.

    I really do miss fishing the streams, lakes and rivers in my home area of Pennsylvania. One day I might purchase new fishing gear and start fishing once again, I always felt so relaxed while fishing and it did not matter if I caught any fish just being outdoors was enough for me.

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