Adventure Travel Destinations

SkydivingThere are a few factors to consider as you think about your perfect Adventure Travel destination.

First, do you want to stay close to home (economical) or are you ready to really go for an amazing adventure in another part of the world?


My home country is the USA, so I will consider that to be close to home. So, that means, I could consider traveling farther by going to Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Australia or Antarctica. Wow, just naming all these places makes me want to pack my bags!

There is so much to see and do in this beautiful world that God made. So, let’s just plan one trip at a time. Plan something for right now, and at the same time, you can start a list of places you’d like to go in the future.

South and Central America

These countries have some great opportunities for jungle adventures. Costa Rica, Panama, and Belize are nearby and very safe and friendly countries. You can zip line through the jungle, go parasailing on the ocean, and scuba dive in some beautiful places. The prices are also good (low) in many of these locations. Of course, there are too many countries to even list in South America. But this is a great option for some water activities in beautiful settings.


Do you want to climb mountains, see monkeys in the wild, or ride an elephant? All of these things and more are possible in countries like India, Thailand, Japan, the Philippines and Taiwan.


In many countries of Europe you can enjoy some gorgeous backpacking and hiking adventures. River cruises, hot air ballooning and biking are also great options.


In Australia, you get to on wild life safaris, hot air ballooning, and lots of interesting trekking.


Antarctica is a vast wilderness of snow and cold. If you really want to test your mettle against the elements, you can definitely find some worthwhile pursuits here. There are cross country skiing tours, dog sled tours and packages, and skiing. There are some great naturals exploration opportunities here as well.


This vast continent, featuring more than 20 countries, offers innumerable chances for adventure travel of all kinds. There are safaris, mountain climbing, spelunking, and great fishing opportunities. There are hot air balloon rides, all kinds of water sports and activities and lots of local tourism attractions, like traditional dances and costumes.

Well, this is a brief overview to get you started thinking about what part of the world you would like to go to. There are warm weather destinations, for those who live in cold climates, and there are cold and snowy destinations for those who want to experience cold adventures.

There’s a place for everything. Keep reading, and you can learn about some of the characteristics of various places, and then find one that feels ‘right’ for you. Something that will be a good match with your personality, your interests, and the type of adventure that you are looking for right now!