Experience Sarawak – An Amazing 6-Day Adventure

Experience SarawakSometimes adventure travel is in the activities, like hang gliding, snowboarding or scuba diving. But sometimes, the adventure is just in the place you travel to.

This “Experience Sarawak” tour is such a trip. The adventure is in the exotic land of Borneo, to which you will travel. And the experiences you will have there.


So first, where is Borneo? It is in the jungles of Malaysia. And where is Malaysia? (Since you’re reading about adventure travel, you may already know, but probably a lot of people couldn’t tell you.)

                      There’s Malaysia!

Malaysia is to the east of the USA, east of Europe and Africa. It’s part of Asia, over by China (south of). It’s east of India, and northwest of Australia. It’s out there in the Pacific Ocean with Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines.

There. Now we’ve located Malaysia. Borneo is a large island, on which you’ll find 3 countries — Brunei, part of Indonesia and part of Malaysia.

There, now you know more than 99% of the world about Malaysia and Borneo. Sarawak is the larger of the two Malaysian states on the island of Borneo. (The other, smaller state is called Sabah.)

“Experience Sarawak” by Great Adventures Travel Company

Now this amazing trip is called “Experience Sarawak.” It is a 6-day guided tour in Sarawak, with about 15 people, plus Great Adventures staff.

What will you find in Sarawak? One of the world’s most unspoiled rain forests, lots of beautiful white sandy beaches, and basically, a tropical paradise. Complete with lots of interesting wildlife. Orangutans, monkeys, crocodiles and many beautiful birds.

What Will You See?

There’s also the legendary hospitality of the indigenous peoples of this island. You will stay one night in a longhouse, with the local people, where you will be well taken care of, and observe some of the ancient tribal customs.

Proboscis Monkey in Borneo
Proboscis Monkey

For many locals, life revolves around the river. But there are also modern and bustling cities, with all the modern amenities you could think of. And the food. Fresh fruits are abundant, inexpensive, varied and delicious. And of course there is seafood. And every dish is a unique blend of all the cultures and history contained on Borneo, including Chinese, Malaysian and Indonesian influence.

Let’s Experience Sarawak

Are you ready to go yet? Yes? Click here to start planning your “Experience Sarawak” trip! If not, keep reading for more tantalizing details.

“Experience Sarawak” is a 6-day experience featuring the rainforest, the bustling city of Kuching (capital of Sarawak), and long, beautiful beaches. I already mentioned the night you spend in an Iban longhouse, experiencing the ancient cultural traditions firsthand.

Bado National Park BorneoAlso, you will spend a day in the Bako National Park where you will see wondrous animals of the rainforest, and carnivorous plants, such as the butterfly-eating pitcher plant. The jungles of Borneo are one of the few places in the world where you will find Orangutans.

You’ll eat sumptuous dishes of rice and noodles, featuring chicken or beef. Can be cooked in rich coconut sauce or curry. And plenty of chilis for those who wish.

Experience the cultural dance performance of the Iban people, eat lunch in the longhouse, then go for a ride on the crystal-clear waters of the Engkari river. And watch a demonstration of the famous blowpipe, a weapon used for hunting large jungle animals, in times gone by.

You’ll ride in a longboat, hike through the rainforest, and have a chance to take a dip in the clear waters of the lake, if you want to.

You’ll also take in a Wildlife Rehabilitation center, visit a trading town, and see plantations alongside the road, as you travel in a local bus or open-sided, covered pickup truck.

Kuching Sarawak Borneo

The “Experience Sarawak” tour begins and ends in the capital city of Kuching. You will be free to make your own arrangements for getting to and from the island of Borneo, to start this tour.

Learn more details about this trip here, including type of hikes, age requirements, and more food, lodging and activity details.

This is a tour that usually includes about 15 people in the group, and will likely be an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Click here for more details or to book your Experience Sarawak reservation now!

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”
– Ibn Battuta

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