We check out lots of Adventure Travel companies, and experiences, and then we pass on our reviews to you.

One we recently visited with was Wildlands Adventure, and here is what we learned.

Wildland Adventures Review

Wildlands Adventure TanzaniaTo start with, Wildland Adventures has been rated the number one outfitter company by National Geographic Adventure. So that is a good start!

Wildland Adventures provides unique and comfortable accommodations in its many different locales. They offer travel options for the very active traveler, and as well as those who are more inquisitive, and seek more of a safari expedition, rather than a brisk white water rafting trip.

This company specializing in providing outstanding native guides to accompany their trips, making them very authentic and informative, wherever the travel may be. Safaris in many parts of the world are part of their package.

They also offer family adventure packages, that will be planned in such a way that your entire family will fit in and feel very excited about participating in. There’s the food, the travel, the sights and the activities, and Wildland Adventures has the experience to make this a wonderful vacation for the whole family.

Since 1986, these expert guides have been providing packages for honeymoon adventures, and safaris, and adventure cruises in mid-sized boats. They can also create a custom adventure travel package to fit just your schedule and ideal activities. They have the connections and resources all over the world to make this happen.

And, one thing I really like about this company and these people, is that they treat you like family. They are so personable and warm and welcoming. And they take care of everything, all the details, so you just show up and have a great experience.