Singles Adventure Travel

Singles Adventure Travel“Oh the places you’ll go.”  – Dr. Seuss

For adventurous singles, looking for great options for Singles Adventure Travel, we have a few thoughts and suggestions.

In fact, you know what? There’s good news, and no bad news! There are a lot of companies that specialize in putting together fun vacation or adventure travel packages for singles. And there are a great variety of activities you can choose on these getaways.

You can find international trips as well as trips within the USA. And you can find all different levels of cost, from budget-minded travelers, up through those looking for an amazing adventure and not as concerned about the cost of (or investment in) the trip.

USA Singles Adventure Travel

Let’s start off with opportunities in the US. There is a fun river rafting trip, just outside of Yosemite National Park, on the Tuolunmne River. It offers thrilling class IV rafting, plus scenic hikes to waterfalls, and enjoyable backcountry hiking in some of California’s most picturesque areas (northern California).

For the budget traveler, these are great trips. You can go for a 1-day adventure on the river, starting at $228 per person, up to a 6-day river rafting excursion for $1399, and everything in between.

There are river rafting trips in Colorado, California, Utah, and Idaho, and really, all over the world.

International Singles Adventure Travel

There are, of course, more possibilities than we can list here, for places to go and things to do.

For example, there are several trips each year to Australia, with Adventures For Singles. This is a respected and trusted partner in singles travel vacations. One trip includes snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, fine dining, and looking at wildlife from kangaroos to crocodiles on the Frasier Island World Heritage Site. Also take in the iconic Sydney Opera House and the harbor.

Another singles trip includes the wild world of western Australia. If you’ve seen Sydney and Melbourne, why not experience Perth in western Oz? This trendy town with its skyscrapers, restaurants and night life provides for great activities and sights. Then enjoy miles of pristine, white sand beaches. Take in wineries, jeep safaris, and see dolphin frolicking in the sea.

Ready To Go?

If you are looking to meet other singles, and have a great and adventurous vacation, this will definitely be one of the highlights of your year. Don’t overthink it! Just decide to do some research and then start planning your vacation. You will build memories, and perhaps create new friendships, that will last you a lifetime.

“It is not down in any map; true places never are.” – Herman Melville


For singles and solo travelers, we recommend that you check out Adventures for Singles. They have vacation packages for singles of all ages, who are looking to meet some new people, have some great adventures and share the fun activities with other like-minded folks.


  1. Hi, thank you for sharing this with us.
    Without a doubt, travel can help one’s relationship, either for people that already in relationship for a long time or people who are looking for dates.

    I used to travel alone back when I was singles, it was great to meet with fellow travellers that have the same passion with me.

    I will definitely spread the words.
    Keep up the good job.


  2. Hey Habil,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your own experiences with Singles Adventure Travel. Glad it worked for you. Yeah, I also love to meet people with the same passion that I have.

    Hope your travels continue to be good!

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